School Project Entries 2022

Oxford Brookes University

Transient by Nature - Housing for Displaced Canal Families
‘There’s a rhythm to it, to the way they live. A transience, not only in location, but embodied in the vessel itself. The boats change daily, hourly, ... read on
Hannah Elizabeth Snow
Celebrating Communal Urban Metabolism
Architecture is part of an ecosystem connected to a complex urban metabolism, yet our built environment detaches us from these critical life sustainin... read on
Emily-Rose Moya Garnett
Organic Cloud Resilience
The Organic Cloud Resilience is a crypto mining infrastructure that uses the flood water to generate clean energy and to cool down the system of the m... read on
Mohammed Al-Ali
A Palimpsest of Dust
Located in a small brownfield site on East Street in Southampton, this project proposes an architecture of curiosity and constant discovery. Throu... read on
Cristian Sebastiano Rocco Francioso