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The perception of Swedish architecture within the process of globalization

Part 1 Dissertation 2007
De Montfort University | UK
In an era of (architectural) globalization, branding and worldwide-operating 'starchitects' - this work looks at the general public image of architecture, its dependence on media and the status quo of architecture in Sweden which is being perceived as different and isolated.
The dissertation looks at the recent history of Swedish architecture, politics, social issues and the process of globalization as a driving force in the definition of a public image - and at the question of a potential for Swedish architects to reclaim the status and international recognition they once had.

'The perception of Swedish architecture within the process of globalization' looks at different ongoing architectural debates and also reflects on the way the profession itself is currently changing.
Taking into consideration aspects like branding, public relations, involvement in media etc, the disseration looks at the keys to success - images, media presence, the importance of location and mentality.
The work is very well written and structured, it is very coherent, the overall standard is exceptional.

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