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Dissertation Medal Winner 2021

A Culture of Craft: West Africa UNObjectified

Part 2 Dissertation 2021
Richard Adetokunbo Aina
Architectural Association London | UK
“The material world confronts us only to serve as a mirror for social relations” - Bruno Latour

Any objects held in Europe in association with Africa supersede almost all other items of antiquity in the curiosity that they have historically attracted.

The thesis explores how and why West African objects of particular tribes were crafted, within their respective contexts and the various infrastructures that have existed; and persist in allowing these sacred objects to find themselves dissociated from their socioreligious premise.

The Lobi peoples - an ethnic group were identified as the ideal sample size, furthered through a more detailed understanding of these parameters will proliferate original and thought-provoking propositions towards a just reconciliation.

Richard Adetokunbo Aina

Mark Campbell
Manolis Stavrakakis
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