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Serjeant Award for Excellence in Drawing

Anamnesis: Connective (Re)Collections

Part 2 Project 2020
Aine Walker
University College Cork | Ireland
'Anamnesis: Connective (Re)Collections' is a speculative design project based in Lisbon, Portugal, and investigates the connective agent of storytelling in architectural drawing and social practices. The project engages with city space through alternate realities and methodologies, celebrating the values in being metaphorically ‘unclassified’ within a collection, lost within a labyrinth, and immersed within fantastic imaginative fields. Each methodology works to transcend existing social and spatial disjunctions within the city. The Bazaar provides a collective space which replaces inauthentic experience, while collapsing principles of cultural display, existing colonial attitudes and ethnographic boundaries separating the city's inhabitants. Identities, cultures, and languages, rather, become fused through the reconnective agent of narrative and spoken exchange. Through the collection and the re-projection of user’s stories, across the city sites, a process of anemisis occurs, resulting in a transcendence of both inner and outer space for city inhabitants. With 2020 becoming a landmark in history, with global racial injustice movements, and mass social disconnection, there is an urgency to reassemble social strata at all scales. By fragmenting and reorganising both behavioural systems and city space, new collectives can emerge which allow authorship to be shared among many voices.
Aine Walker

Lorenzo Cammoranesi
Kieran Cremin
Jason O'Shaughnessy
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