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Cathedral of Trade

Part 1 Project 2021
Desislava Cholakova
London South Bank University | UK
A civic structure located within the City of London during a post-Brexit ‘Utopian’ world, this building is a host to debating areas, workspaces, archives and bunkers where the vulnerable are accommodated. Its concept is derived from the character of the site – a financial district – and its protagonists – financiers who are atheists surrounded by 52 empty churches – while casinos by contrast are overcrowded. The intervention proposes a bankers’ hub, where users can express their own personal values safely within a structure incorporating the principles of religious buildings. The most celebrated aspect of the programme, however, is a theatre space where bankers can give talks to ‘voters’ in an alternative future democracy.
Desislava Cholakova

Olivier Jauniaux
Antonios Lalos
Angela Vanezi
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