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The Dalston Hub: A Vertical Market

Part 2 Project 2021
Elliott Ng Chan Kye Afoke
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
The Dalston Hub is the beating heart of Hackney, run by traders’ activist, the vertical market proclaims a new social order and system of measure of trading in the expression of retaining and saving Ridley Road unique characters and culture.

The project explores how Gentrification races through Dalston: luxury high rise developments on nearby Dalston Lane, Ridley Road Market faces mounting interest from developers to regenerate the market into luxury flats, retail, and offices, which currently see the market threatened with demolition, growing inequality suburbs and skyrocketing rents. The vertical market is self-sufficient, powered through the use of natural resource, the wind energy, placed on top of one another in stacked, each shop and stall are a typical urban pattern of Ridley Road buzzing street market that creates a vibrant sense of Old hackney’s community. As the protest demonstrates, the vertical market structure grows out of the old and has the potential of reclamation of the right to the city.

Elliott Ng Chan Kye Afoke

Mr Toby Shew
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