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A Scarcity of Attention // Plans for 111-115 Constitution Street

Part 1 Project 2022
Felix Wilson
Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture | UK
Motivated by a desire to consider how we care for our urban environment, current issues of food security, material waste and social justice, this project proposes a modest community building which is ideated as an ‘urban croft’.

The title is twofold; on one hand it is an observation of a societal wide state of distraction which has contributed to the rise of such issues, on the other rhetorical, for the work to propose these suggestions is anything but. Through reading and reaction to the social and physical environment of the project’s situation in Leith, Edinburgh, the proposal, much like the typology of a rural croft, creates a framework for caring for the environment which extends beyond the bounds of the buildings and their courtyard (the crofters dwelling and out-houses) into the field (the community). This is achieved through the proposition of kitchens, workshops, gathering spaces, polyvalent units and crofters ‘residences’, which repurpose a collection of derelict courtyards and listed buildings into valuable civic spaces. Underlying these narratives, the project is defined by a survey of Scottish forests, the tectonics and materiality of the architecture a reflection of ‘what is to hand’.

Felix Wilson

Rachael Hallett
Jamie Henry
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