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Leow Keskorra ha Dyski: A Place to Assemble and Learn

Part 1 Project 2022
Nathan Tipping-Stevenson
Falmouth University Falmouth | UK
The project has evolved through a process of documentation, characterisation, casting and craft-work to develop an understanding of the urban and social context. This has informed the brief and the architectural response for a Museum of Mining, supplemented by a foundry, learning spaces, makers studios and new assembly space in Camborne within the UNESCO Cornish Mining World Heritage Site.

The museum explores how monumentalising can transform the way we perceive objects and is inspired by the evocative and sensory qualities of Cornwall’s redundant mines. In the proposed exhibition hall corroding apparatus are suspended like vast sculptures while suspended pathways offer unexpected vantage-points. The public-use foundry draws a direct connection between metal extraction, cultural representation, and memorialisation. It reflects Cornwall’s legacy through tin, copper and bronze, and is a mnemonic for the cultural identity links to, and environmental impacts of, mining.

A former cinema street frontage is retained while the courtyard formed behind provides a much-needed gathering and performance space; a point of connection for Camborne’s community, for visitors and as the setting for Cornish and Celtic culture through the rituals of the Gorsedh Kernow.

The proposal is entitled Leow Keskorra ha Dyski, meaning ‘A place to assemble and Learn’.

Nathan Tipping-Stevenson

Tanya Griffiths
Tiago Pinto Da Costa
Mark Innes
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