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A Campus for Flour: Between Horizontal and Vertical

Part 2 Project 2022
Oliver Philip Reynolds
London Metropolitan University | UK
The proposed study mediates between the vertical city and horizontal landscape through a campus for flour in Bromley-by-Bow.

Made from different artefacts, existing buildings are carefully adapted and reused; exploring the notion of building less. The forms of the proposals enjoy dialogues between horizontal and vertical, using the diagonal as a repeated expression. The overall project looks to participate collaboratively on a fringe site between urban and rural contexts, awaiting imminent large-scale redevelopment.

Flour is a main cooking ingredient and its process and production are being relocated further from the consumer, meaning its carbon footprint is extremely high. The campus extracts grain from growing plots up the river Lea, reinstating the river as a main transport route and reducing heavy road usage. Grains are stored, processed into flour and distributed across London. The public can visit, buy and learn about flour milling processes, with access to baking classes and spaces between, acting as city playgrounds for events and markets. The campus becomes a place for connection; between artefacts of different scales and contexts.

Following detailed survey studies, a project develops acknowledging the scale of both city and person, interrogating good proportion as a tool to balance existing and proposed arrangements.

Oliver Philip Reynolds

Paolo Emilio Pisano
Takero Shimazaki
Karabo Turner
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