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Institute of Architecture Accra

Part 1 Project 2023
Charlie Fox
Kingston University Kingston | UK
A spatial syntax between interior and exterior, warm and cool,comfort and discomfort. The Institute of Architecture in Accra promotes a new way of thinking where there are no restricting barriers to the outside world with a consistent openness throughout the building and comfort is achieved by passive means and the use of sustainable materials.

The spatial design combines the needs for teaching, workshops, quiet study and less structured collaborative and creative spaces all under one roof. A variety of generous spaces all working to the same grid are spread along a spinelike corridor that stretches the length of the site. The spaces are very flexible despite being on a grid and they have a strong relationship to their surroundings as they spill out onto the exterior patios and terraces.

The building is fully permeable providing the much needed ventilation where air is drawn in at the corridor that welcomes the monsoon winds from the coast channelling the air to all the spaces through the louvres, the hot air rises by natural convection and is dispersed via the roof.

Sustainability is given a high priority, the building is constructed from locally sourced materials where possible and the passive ventilation techniques avoid the need for high power consumption and refrigerant gases associated with air conditioning.

Charlie Fox

Laura Evans
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