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Second life reuse

Part 1 Project 2005
Hayley Anderson
Kingston University Kingston | UK
A Suburban site provided a place for a Waste Auction House and a Research Institute for Alternative Resources with some live/work units providing ‘street’. The strategy throughout was reuse of redundant items to provide sustainable consumerism, the Waste Auction is a collective living room as market place. The Research Institute for Alternative Technologies acts as a gateway between the street and the park, providing a meeting place. The building explores and tests redundant materials for ‘second life’ use in the construction industry. The strong public aspect of the institute promotes a sustainable future. The site was completed with some live/work units, providing both a domestic and sustainable commercial street frontage
Hayley Anderson

The work of Hayley Anderson critically examines the place of practical action within the contemporary culture of work. It also addresses issues such as material waste and the significance of “second life” materials to everydayness. The site was a suburban context in Kingston upon Thames, an environment in need of restructuring in terms of its relationship to the city. Her work integrates all of the above with understated charm and quiet sophistication. The work aspires to be effective in terms of urban regeneration, while simultaneously, at the scale of intimate space, its spaces resonate with memory and recognition.

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