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Part 2 Project 2005
Mlela Matandara
Lou-Elena Bouey
University of Technology Kingston | Jamaica
Libritech was conceptualized based on the evident need within New Kingston and its environs for an activity hub. Libritech incorporates and makes accessible the latest in digital and information transmission technology in the form of touch, digital interface and interactive display screens.

It is situated at the busiest intersection in the thriving business capital of Jamaica where it can pull the pedestrian and the auto-flaneur. It is almost commercial offering similar activity, advertising activities and books on its skin. Upon crossing the threshold one commences a journey through the space, swimming in the urban spectrum of knowledge.

Mlela Matandara
Lou-Elena Bouey

1) A sophisticated, well researched, compact proposition on a difficult, highly trafficked urban site.

2) The often conflicting user requirements are skillfully composed through vertical and horizontal layering and subtle level changes to create a place of great vitality and legibility in the centre of the CBD.

3) Understanding the inherent irony of creating a place of cutting edge information transfer in a nation with high illiteracy and a small reading public, and having the confidence in the place created to be a believable magnet for human interaction through it routeways and mix of uses.


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