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Kelantan Tarbiyah Islamiah Centre: Towards a regionalised contemporary State Mosque

Part 2 Project 2007
Evan Loh Khang Yong
Curtin University Perth | Australia
The main objective of the dissertation is to investigate the translation of a mosque into a contemporary community development centre to serve as a proactive strategy in the making of state religion. The dissertation intends to understand the characteristic of contemporary mosque design in the modern world by examining the evolution of mosque typology from the original Prophets house to present-day mosques. It will study the root-meaning of Islam and its integration into mosque architecture.
Evan Loh Khang Yong

The dissertation sought to foster a new generation of Contemporary State Mosque in northern Malaysia, deeply rooted in precedent, tradition and local craft. The search for source material was three-pronged. The first was the source of mosque architecture- the Prophet’s House. The second addressed traditional mosque types - the Indian, Arabic and South-East Asian. The third was of the potential to develop similar and highly sensitive connections with the local craft of Kelantan. In this regard, local textile crafts of Batik and Songket and the theatrical drama of Shadow Puppetry were explored.

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