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New City Epicenter – A Multi-purpose Urban Cultural Complex: Theater of Culture - Theater of Light

Part 2 Project 2019
Lidija Lukic
University of Belgrade | Serbia
The thematic framework of the project is the contemporary economy of culture as a new driver of urban development, as well as the role of spectacle in certain spheres of art and human interaction. Accordingly, the projects’ programme is a multi-purpose complex with cultural exhibits and complementary programs, which will be the contents of the new city epicenter.

A structure open to all kinds of multi-media arts and expressions, research-oriented spaces, through an unlimited number of disciplines, spheres and functions. As a reflection of different artistic concepts and a variety of artists it would expand a completely new cultural scene of Smederevo.

Theater, as a product of modern technology and understanding of this art form, represents both a segment and an inseparable part of the structure, which revives the existing inherited monument. A place of unceasing contact, but also dissipation of individuals. A place which draws people into mutual interaction: person – person, person – art, person – object. Considering the institutions of the theater, the market and the vertical public space, we notice a certain type of connection in terms of relations, concept and function, with the variability of the object of interest itself.

Lidija Lukic


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