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Lift Out of balance: Re-Establishing a Sustainable Horticultural Symbiosis

Part 1 Project 2023
William Underwood
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
Sited where dense urban living shifts to ecologically degraded land in Sincil Bank, the project addresses the relationship between society and nature – where currently one attempts to dominate the other. It is argued that farming is one of the primary contributors to Lincolnshire’s rapidly disappearing wildlife and increasing vulnerability to global warming and climate change.

The proposed project aims to reconsider and reshape how the agricultural industry interacts with the natural environment. On a local scale, the design concept condenses the food production process into a singular building on the edge of Lincoln to create a fresh source of produce for residents while also providing a space of education where people can learn about the existing impact and learn new skills for planting and maintaining home grown crops. By incorporating vertical farming technologies into the programme, the design on a regional scale aims to offset the need for as many fields intended for farming purposes and instead suggest that these become re-wilded and returned back to nature.

William Underwood


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