School Project Entries 2023

University of Cambridge

New Domesticity: The Shared Life of Low-Income Single Mother Families in Tokyo
This project aims to assist impoverished single mothers in Tokyo in finding homes and jobs through a shared life. It is a collection of many subtle ch... read on
Xidian Wang
Expanding the Notion of Care in Architecture: Recovering a More-than-human Third Landscape in Kyoto
Drawing on de la Bellacasa’s (2017) Speculative Ethics of Care, this design research project aims to expand the conceptual framework of care in archit... read on
Annan Zuo
Rock, Rococo, Roko’s Basilisk
01- *Master planning* - A discriminate act, prioritising the perseverance of antiquated and often religious spatial forms as fixed Urban ‘objects’ rat... read on
Isaac Simmonds-Douglas
Reframing Accessibility
Reframing Accessibility explores the transformative potential of a demountable timber system, in an effort to contest the ableist attitudes embedded i... read on
Lola Wright