School Project Entries 2023

Kingston University

Institute of Architecture Accra
A spatial syntax between interior and exterior, warm and cool,comfort and discomfort. The Institute of Architecture in Accra promotes a new way of thi... read on
Charlie Fox
Repairing Buildings, Restoring Bodies, Reviving Cities
The monolithic new Midland Metropolitan University Hospital has just landed in an area of industrial decline in Smethwick, Birmingham. An antidote to ... read on
Isabella Laffeaty
Dis-assemble/Re-assemble: The Temporary Nature of Buildings
This project seeks to redefine how we approach land development through a lens of ecology and radical reuse, by reimagining the development of a site ... read on
Jacob Lee
Contrast and Connection, A New Museum for Dover
The design of a new Painted House Museum for Dover seeks to explore the question of what makes us human by using spatial ambiguity and contradiction i... read on
Lilli Claire Kotte