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Stadmaker's PrintVille

Part 2 Project 2015
Ben Robinson
Manchester School of Architecture UK
3D printing technology is billed as the technology of the third industrial revolution. It offers unprecedented levels of freeform design, whilst also being capable of democratising production technology by putting the control in the hand of the designers.
So what if this technology was applied to a broken and stagnant field of housing construction?
StadMaker’s Printville is a unique 3D printed & customisable housing system that utilises technology that has been developed by DUS Architects, the large scale 3D printer the KamerMaker. The system works by having a choice of 3 basic build volumes, all of which have the same structural and servicing strategy that take advantage of 3D printing to reduce material usage by up to 70%. Then using the proposed ‘StadMaker software’, the volumes can then be truly customised, this means that from 3 basic volumes truly unique housing solutions can be generated.
This project is an initial prototype for the perceived concept, that through the use of 3D printing technology, houses with mass produced efficiency offer individual designs that can open up the market to offer affordable homes that are personal to us.
So what will your 3D printed home say about you?

Ben Robinson


Mr Tom Jefferies
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