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Studio Design 4 Sremcica, Belgrade, Architectural-urban housing project of multi-family housing with supporting facilities

Part 1 Project 2015
Ana Stojic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
The project examined the typological model of multi-family social housing and its architectural and urban interpretation of a exact location in Sremcica-lake area.

Project of multi-family housing was supplemented with content which provides their existence – fishing and fish processing which develops further investments in tourism and catering.

Typology of the terrain (down to the lake), as well as environment of the less populated, rural areas, dominated by nature, caused the very form of the building. I wanted to preserve the bond between undeveloped and developed space with terraced stacked elements ("houses"), allowing for a well-appointed orientation towards the lake and a beautiful view for the users. Four "houses" that make up a building are staggered by a half floor height, which gives the possibility to create different interesting types of the apartments.

Ana Stojic


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