School Project Entries 2017

Architectural Association

Dysfunctional Beauty
“The brain is the most complicated organisation of matter we know. If this, then is suffering from any mental disease becomes a universe by itself” - ... read on
Caterina Miralles Tagliabue
Through Leviathan’s Eyes
‘Through Leviathan’s Eyes’ is a speculative glimpse into a world where reality is constructed collaboratively. It is a non-narrative tour through a ne... read on
Nathan Su
Masquerade: The Engineering of Consent
As populist fears perpetuates London after 2008 financial crisis, Establishment Elites require a new tool to control and reclaim the trust of the peop... read on
Jasen Zi Xian Kok
Shared Roof
Shared Roof attempts to re-evaluate the current city planning in Bermondsey where fragmented urban spaces have evoked social and physical division bet... read on
Jisoo Hwang