School Project Entries 2022

Architectural Association

H(edge): A Manual for Hedgelaying as Infrastructure for Public Access to a Protected Rural Landscape
The function of the project is to create spaces for the enjoyment of landscape by tourists, hikers and ramblers who use the Landscape trail in the Hig... read on
Varvara Yakovleva
In-between the Grid: Housing in the Gaps of Barcelona Blocks
Cerdà’s urban grid for Barcelona is ruled by repetition and standardization. Both ideas are linked to the 19th century concept of the city as a machin... read on
Sindi Dojaka
Fecund Vacancy: The Architecture of Succession
Set in London, a microcosm of ongoing global ecological and existential crises, the project seeks to safeguard brownfield sites across the city as vit... read on
James Peter Emery
Across the Wall
On February 2nd 2022, the UK government published its Levelling Up the United Kingdom white paper; An extensive document proposing 12 missions under 4... read on
Tetsuya Saito