School Project Entries 2017

University of Nottingham

Castle in the Sky
‘Castle in the sky’ is a response to London’s housing crisis. Identifying the failure of strategies such as decentralisation and high-rise, it propos... read on
Kangli Zheng
The Resonance of Ruin
Lincoln’s ruined Bishop’s Palace now scars the landscape with its crumbling remains. The Lincoln Contemporary Centre for Organ Music is a proposal for... read on
Ross Burns
DEVA: Urban Stratification from Roman Garrison to Multi-Level City
Aiming to promote Chester’s historical importance, this thesis proposes a ‘Heritage Centre’ within the city’s walls. Consisting of an Archaeologica... read on
Josh Sharp
Jam: Intersecting Edges
‘Jam: Intersecting Edges’ examines the fruit preserve as a metaphor to critique our urban condition and explore the creation of place through intersec... read on
Chloe Marie Thirkell