School Project Entries 2017

University of Cambridge

Public Market, Mexico City: Re-establishing the Vitality of an Ancient Typology
The public market forms the heart of this hybrid market-transport station. The market as an ancient typology embedded in Mexican society is urged to e... read on
Emma Woodward
City as School as City
City as School as City: A civic strategy connecting neighbourhoods of Liverpool and co-opting the city as part of a child’s learning experience. The... read on
Emily Wickham
Learning from Liverpool
Through a reimagination of post-industrial Liverpool, one can derive new pedagogies which shun the current rigid teaching model employed across Britis... read on
Oliver Brenner
The Veiled Renaissance
Since 4 A.D., organised Coptic female communities have demonstrated that the ascetic has a desired, trusted and supportive function within secular soc... read on
Lucinda Anis