School Project Entries 2021

University of Cambridge

Life Support Machine
The consistent exponential population growth is leading Earth to a state of paralysis. This project is about adapting society to a new type of situati... read on
Yeliz Abdurahman
Reclaiming the Ruin
In 2019 the UK declared an environment and climate emergency and an amended target of net zero emissions by 2050. As gas reserves dwindle and we pursu... read on
Rachel Caul
Developing the Dearne
Developing the Dearne reconceptualises city-regional spatial development from a bioregional perspective, offering an alternative framework for Dearne ... read on
Helena Jordan
Strangeness in Limehouse
Limehouse, a neighbourhood in East London, is shaped by strange narratives. Books and films paint Limehouse as a place of occult churches, opium dens ... read on
Shirley Lo