School Project Entries 2017

University of Hong Kong

Housing Through Landscape/ Immanent Housing in Makkasan BKK
This proposal engages with typology and the theory of landscape urbanism to attempt at producing a housing typology that uses open spaces and natural ... read on
Gabriel Yat Him Chan
Housing Trail
Housing Trail is an integration of housing and infrastructure. Located on the hill, the project is designed for home factories workers in Changsin... read on
Tsz Wing Yeung
The Living Room
Contemporary medical approach to terminal patients is becoming more holistic and humanistic -- architecture must adapt to these changes by providing a... read on
Jacky Yin Fung Chan
WaterLand Rural Infrascape of Water. Hilly Area. Southern China
This thesis explores the possibility of development of rural China without urbanization. Through extensive observation, documentation and analytical d... read on
Yusi Wang