School Project Entries 2017

De Montfort University

The House of Ambiguity: Constructing Fictional Space
The House of Ambiguity explores the use of the fictional narrative within the design process. Using Mark Z. Danielewski’s The House of Leaves as a foc... read on
Danielle Fountain
Remedial Anthecology: Propagating Melliferous Pollinators
Pursuing recent evidence suggesting that Urban-fostered bees are healthier, this project posits a sustainable model for commercial pollination. Instig... read on
David Morgan
Emerging Vocations; The Parkway Pharmaceutical Research College
Currently in the UK it is increasingly common for people to be guided down the route of academia, this does not suit everyone. It is important that vo... read on
Joseph White
Urban Rehabilitation
My project focuses on the dialectics of mental health, primarily looking at the synthesis of each illness, creating spaces that informs people about t... read on
Eleanor - Grace Butcher