School Project Entries 2022

De Montfort University

Lost Wales: Reviving Porth Wen
Looking at Wales’s industrial past, this project attempts to repurpose an abandoned brickworks on Anglesey to create a hub for seaweed bio-energy prod... read on
Jonathan Joseph Edwards
The Industrial Forest of Elpis - Creating a New Socio-Economic and Civil Structure in Ex-Mining Towns
Coalville is a town filled with nodes of nostalgia, each one pertaining to key social, political, or industrial moments in its history. These monument... read on
Joseph Benjamin White
Melton Mowbray: A Manufactured Spa Town
Historically, European Spa Towns require a combination of natural resources, urban elements and facilities to be recognised as spa towns. This project... read on
Gemmie Wimolrat Poolsiri
The Fragmented Journey: An Archive of Broken Cognitive Memory
“Memory is unreliable. Memories can be distorted, they are interpretations not records” – Memento, 2000 The ‘Fragmented Journey’ embodies the chall... read on
Manuela Oyekan