School Project Entries 2018

University of Lincoln

Ballard’s Tachistoscope
The project explores the dichotomy between reality and representation created by the media through an exploration of JG Ballard’s novel The Atrocity E... read on
Daniel Elkington
The Art of Chronology: Remembrance and the Public
The project proposes a crematorium located in Bergen, Norway responding to the process of cremations through progressive placement of each stage of th... read on
Malene Riise
Swiss institute of Cryonics
The Swiss Institute of Cryonics provides an outdoor pool and leisure centre above ground for an industrialised part of Basel, attracting the community... read on
luke Parkhurst
Functional Dependencies of the Megacity
The project develops an architectural methodology for responding to marginalised communities and urban conditions in the port area of Tondo, in Manila... read on
Adam Griffiths