School Project Entries 2021

University of the West of England

KAF: Korail Algaeculture Facility
This project focuses on addressing important societal and environmental concerns, the design explores several critical issues facing society – set in ... read on
Jintao Ma
Re-Wilding the Mind
Re-Wilding the Mind is a mental wellbeing centre on St. Philips Marsh. The utopian notion of re-wilding was the key concept of the final year studio. ... read on
Barbora Vanek
Monument Graveyard
What happens when the value of public statues becomes questioned in contemporary society? Following the fall of Colston many have looked to other m... read on
Joe Hyett
District Life Support Centre: Urban Farm
This project presents a pioneering urban vertical farm in central Bristol, where vegetables can be grown throughout the year, and where facilities are... read on
Lorand Gonczol