School Project Entries 2023

University of Sheffield

North Sea Energy Core: Redefining Energy Infrastructures for a Net-Zero World
In 2022, the global energy crisis spurred the energy revolution towards net zero. This research explores the political, social, ethical, and environme... read on
Scott Mckenzie Will Tankard
Taking Note
Taking Note is a neighbourhood scale archive which responds to the government threat to eradicate informal Cairo. Cultural documentation is re-imagine... read on
Charlotte Ward
The Boat Towers
Located on the banks of the river Humber, The Boat Towers celebrate Hull’s historic boat building and create a hub for people to learn and participate... read on
Freddie Bull
A Series of Rooms: A New Art Gallery in Kingston upon Hull
The project proposes a new art gallery in Kingston Upon Hull. Through the making of a series of rooms with varying degrees of connection with the city... read on
Yiming Zhou